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About Us

After travelling the world together and attending international agility competitions, we witnessed many women running agility in poorly fitted sports bras.  Sadly, we had no solution until Anneli found the Cheata Bra in Florida in December 2016.


In December, Anneli had several lengthy conversations with the developer and took the product for a test run.  She was sold!  Anneli felt the bras needed to be worn by every woman running agility and shared the bra knowledge with Jennifer.  After trying the bra herself, Jennifer felt the bra should be a staple for all women performing any sport. 


We have both heard stories personally and professionally by women needing to wear multiple bras to achieve sufficient support.  Their number one complaint was always comfort.  It was with these women in mind, that we decided to bring the Cheata Bra to Canada.  No woman should have to wear more than one sports bra at a time to feel comfortable participating in any sport.


Welcome to the Cheata Bra!  We hope you love it as much as we do!


Anneli & Jennifer

Jennifer is both a human and an animal chiropractor by profession, and also participates in a variety of sporting activities.  From a chiropractic perspective, Jennifer fell in love with this bra right away seeing the benefits it would have for the women she treats in her practice both for everyday wear and during sporting activities.

Anneli has been participating in dog sports since 1999.  She has also been a member of Agility Team Canada since 2011.  Not only does she participate in numerous dog sports, she also has many varied sporting interests ranging from golf to volleyball.  In her travels, Anneli has heard and seen the need for this amazing bra among women everywhere!

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