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Cheata compression bras are the ultimate athletic bra structures. Our patented and patent pending technologies focus on the WEIGHT of breast tissue, not simply the size. This new approach acutely addresses these commonly heard sports bra complaints:

  • ​Not enough hold/support

  • Needing to double up 

  • Digging straps and bands

  • Riding up and shifting on the torso

  • Stretching out during wear or from sweat 

  • Not enough coverage and prone to spilling out

  • Wearing out easily and needing to be replaced

  • Chaffing/rubbing on the sides, shoulders, and back 

  • Smashed feeling from tight, non-stretching fabrics​

the answer

Balanced weight distribution of breast tissue 

Our unique combination of structural components activiate this weight breast redistribution. No other athletic bra on the market achieves this. Breast tissue feels significantly lighter and breast movement is comfortably restricted in all directions (up, down, forward, side to side).

the technology

​Optimal leveraging by full coverage and utilizing the torso area UNDER the bust line

Creates more stability with a dramatically reduced need for tight. Also helps prevents the garment from shifting or travelling upwards on the body during movement.

​Premium custom fabrics featuring a controlled and comprehensive localized stretch 

Our incredibly unique Stretx™ custom fabrics provide a contouring strength that expand and contract to accommodate your movements with no bouncing, rubbing, digging, pulling, or stretching out. Breathable, moisture wicking, with a silky luxurious feel, they will not stretch out from extended wear or when introduced to water (or sweat).

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